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North Korea Is Not A “Mafia State”, It Is A Communist/Marxist State

The dramatic exit of Jang Song-thaek, the uncle of North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, has an almost Shakespearean flavour about it. Hauled out of a meeting of leadership cadres, dragged into court, found guilty and executed within the hour it would make great theatre at Stratford.

One could even picture Richard Branagh, as the Kim’s right hand man, declaiming those brutal accusations in court before Uncle Jang waited, quivering with fear as he felt the cold muzzle of the executioner’s gun against his temple.

“Despicable human scum Jang, who was worse than a dog, perpetrated thrice-cursed acts of treachery in betrayal of such profound trust and warmest paternal love shown by the party and the leader for him,”

We are told he has been airbrushed out of North Korean history and no doubt his family and staff are already shivering in their cells awaiting a similar fate.

Tim Stanley excuses the whole pantomime as yet another example of fratricide in a mafia state, likening the Workers Party to Cosa Nostra.

He is wrong.

North Korea with its gulags, famines, police repression and cowed populace is a classic Marxist state ruled by an elite which sees itself as a vanguard constructing a society of new humans, purged of all the detritus of the old times. Mo0dern Marxists would publicly disagree but be assured in private every one of them would dearly love to see our country governed in the same way where over two or three generations the slate could be wiped clean ready for the emergence of a “purer” society.
So let’s be clear about this and call a spade a spade. North Korea is not a socialist state that has lost its way. To call it a mafia state is using weasel words as a distraction.

North Korea is the ultimate Marxist state. It’s the full flowering of Communism.

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Does This 1938 French Political Cartoon Foretell The USA Under President Fluke?

The Stalinists are here, says Dan Riehl, referring to Think Progress and their latest antics in the left’s Tucsonesque Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke blitzkrieg.

There is no real difference between today’s un-American U.S.-based left and regimes such as Stalin’s – only they don’t quite yet have enough power. But they are busy aquiring it. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. These are very dangerous people that need to be defeated for an America anything like how Conservatives view her to survive.

Sandra Fluke, a professional agitator, has become the poster girl of the left and the left supported President Obama and his administration. She appears to be a humourless, single-minded apparatchik, ruthless and intolerant of those with opposing views. Nevertheless it would be unwise to underestimate this woman. She is intelligent and has a superb feel for any political opportunity. She will no longer operate in the political shadows. She, and many like her, is the future of the Stalinist left.

You see the thing about Stalinists (or Marxists, as they should be called since the key element of Marx’s Communist version of socialism was the need for a dictatorship of the revolutionary elite) is that they are quite content to use the arena of freedom provided by parliamentary democracy to further their cause and impugn their political rivals. But once they have power that arena of free debate and discussion is dismantled and we enter the dark world of Orwell’s 1984 where it is no longer sufficient to withdraw from political activity and remain silent. Stalinists require that everyone publicly celebrates and praises the regime however degraded their circumstances.

As is often the case art can encapsulate the essence of this essential truth (largely ignored/forgotten by a complicit media that constantly revisits Hitler, Franco, Pinochet and other non Marxist authoritarian regimes)….so maybe this 1938 French political cartoon could give us a glimpse of the USA in 2037 at the beginning of President Fluke’s second term….

French anti stalinist cartoon 1938

French anti stalinist cartoon 1938

BTW….The sign reads “We are very happy”

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Why There Is No “Occupy Pyongyang” Movement

h/t GlobalSecurity Org

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