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14 December
Comments Off on Are The Mail on Sunday & Margaret Hodge Really Accusing Three Distinguished Academics Of Creating A Racist Quiz For UKIP?

Are The Mail on Sunday & Margaret Hodge Really Accusing Three Distinguished Academics Of Creating A Racist Quiz For UKIP?




Thus thundered Simon Walters, ace reporter, otherwise known as  Political Editor For The Mail On Sunday

Nigel Farage was in another race row last night after asking supporters to rate ‘blacks, Muslims and Eastern Europeans’ in a game – with prizes of cash and a Ukip golf umbrella.The ‘rate an immigrant’ survey is part of a Ukip private survey of members aimed at helping the party draw up its policies.Sent last week by Ukip chairman Steve Crowther, it asks members to say ‘how close they feel’ to a number of groups.They include ‘Blacks, Asians, Muslims, English, Eastern Europeans and Whites’ as well as the four main political parties.Ukip activists are urged to rate each on a scale from 0 for ‘not close at all’ to 10 for ‘very close.’But the survey was slammed as a racist stunt after details were leaked to The Mail on Sunday.Last night, senior Labour MP Margaret Hodge condemned the Ukip survey as ‘shocking’

Gotcha, UKIP….we’ve finally caught up with you. It’s Hate An Immigrant week and obviously the biggest prizes will go to the biggest haters. Another coup by the fearless UKIP sniffers at the  Mail

Except ………….there is something that was missed by ace reporter Simon Walters and his team…..the survey was designed and distributed on behalf of UKIP by a team of highly respected academics. It was framed to gain an overall picture of UKIP member’s views and attitudes. Simon Walters took a set of perfectly acceptable questions, a regular feature of many of these surveys, and pimped it up as a “race quiz”. A shoddy piece of reporting that, regrettably, is often par for the course for the Mail.

Here is your UKIP Members Survey.   Please help UKIP by completing the Members Survey.

Your Answers Help the Party and You Can Win Great Prizes!

Three academics are helping us. They are Professor Matthew Goodwin (University of Nottingham and author of Revolt on the Right),
Professor Harold Clarke at the University of Texas and Professor Paul Whiteley at the University of Essex, who are former
Directors of the prestigious British Election Study.  Professor Clarke is distributing the survey.

That’s this Prof Harold Clarke

That’s this Prof Matthew Goodwin

That’s this Prof Paul Whiteley

Now, are Mr Ace Reporter Simon Walters of the Mail on Sunday and the very wealthy Labour MP Margaret Hodge (who gained a Third Class Degree at LSE) really ready to accuse these three highly distinguished academics of putting together a racist quiz for the entertainment of UKIP’s membership?

I really think we should be told….

21 May
Comments Off on White Anti Racist Zealot Thrusts “Racist Scum” Poster In Black UKIP Member’s Face

White Anti Racist Zealot Thrusts “Racist Scum” Poster In Black UKIP Member’s Face

The most surreal Dan Hodges moment of the 2014 election…in Croydon a white “anti racist” zealot labels a black UKIP member “Racist Scum”


21 May
Comments Off on Isabel Hardman (Westminster Bubble Princess) Gives A Master Class On How To Write A Piece Of Anti UKIP AgitProp

Isabel Hardman (Westminster Bubble Princess) Gives A Master Class On How To Write A Piece Of Anti UKIP AgitProp

Isabel Hardman at the Telegraph owned Spectator Coffee House blog on the UKIP street event in Croydon (I doubt if the fragrant Ms H would ever go further south of the river than a Clapham dinner party – it looks as if she “commented”…)

Ukip’s we’re-not-racist ethnic minority carnival in Croydon always looked as though it was going to provide plenty of material for sketchwriters and critics. It was another attempt by the party to showcase its non-white members and candidates, with local candidate Winston McKenzie on hand too.

The event did not go as planned, apparently, so UKIP could learn lessons from the Tories

The Conservatives have become increasingly control-freakish about their big campaign days, excluding the press in favour of selected broadcasters so that the party can stage manage every moment as much as it possibly can.

The Tory party “stage manages every moment as much as it possibly can”……which is exactly why it has become less like a political movement and more like a corporate PR show where the audience is as much part of the stage managed presentation as BGT. UKIP is a living, vibrant force of nature driven by an enthusiastic membership – sometimes shambolic, always passionate – the equivalent spirit of a village fete. This might be the reason that it retains a certain measure of popularity.

Secondly, and sadly, Ms Hardman has had months during which she could have visited Croydon and met up with Winston McKenzie and other black Croydonians and asked them why they supported UKIP…you know, Ms H, do an actual bit of shoeleather journalism. But no, you would much rather pop down there and mock Mr McKenzie and his friends……indeed there is almost a hint of a sub text here, y’know, coconuts, Uncle Toms, stoogesw…real black men and women or Sikhs or Hindus or Moslems would never support UKIP

A shallow, cheap and patronising piece of hackery….

11 May
Comments Off on Left Wing Drone Tries To Hide Her Tweet About Ethnic Minorities Supporting UKIP

Left Wing Drone Tries To Hide Her Tweet About Ethnic Minorities Supporting UKIP

Meet Laura Wilkes

Laura Wilkes is Head of Policy and Research at the New Local Government Network. Laura joined NLGN in November 2013 after a number of years at the Local Government Information Unit, where she led policy programmes on Community Budgets, local government finance, economic development and citizen coproduction. Prior to this, Laura worked in local government and is a graduate from the National Graduate Development Programme.

Yeah yeah she’s a classic Think Tank Labour drone so was so astonished at seeing a Pakistani chap leafletting for UKIP that she forgot all protocols and tweeted about it because surely in her little world UKIP IS RAAAAAAAACISTTTTT.

Anyway she soon realised she had committed the cardinal leftist sin of humanising UKIP – so she deleted the tweet.

Unfortunately or her the eagle eyed scourge of all right on middle class liberal/left trolls LittleBlueDr had nailed her…

No wonder our ruling class just don’t get UKIP….


07 May
Comments Off on Exclusively White Pundits At Telegraph/Spectator Tell Us To Celebrate Diversity

Exclusively White Pundits At Telegraph/Spectator Tell Us To Celebrate Diversity

Scribblers at the Daily Telegraph and The Spectator (both owned by the Barclay Brothers) have made much of the recent Policy Exchange report which predicts that Britain’s non white population (currently 14%) will be 30% by 2050. They use the report to knock UKIP (quelle surprise) and chatter on about “diversity”

Strange how all these Speccie/DT scribblers celebrate “diversity” and tell us how good it is for those of us who make up  the great unwashed – yet there is very little evidence of “diversity” in the ranks of the scribblers themselves. They are almost universally white and could hardly be described as multi ethnic (but I suspect their cleaners, nannies and gardeners are…..)

03 October
Comments Off on White BBC Pundits Assure UKIP’s Amjad Bashir That He Is In Denial About His “Racist” Fellow Members

White BBC Pundits Assure UKIP’s Amjad Bashir That He Is In Denial About His “Racist” Fellow Members

Rather bizarre few minutes on BBC Daily Politics…Amjad Bashir, UKIP’s spokesman on Small Business (a Yorkshireman with a Pakistani background) being assured by Jo Coburn and two other white people that Tory Grandee Lord Heseltine was right in saying there was a substantial “racist” element within his party.  Mr Bashir pointed out that he, unlike Heseltine and the three of them, had experienced being the target of racism but never in UKIP.  Indeed he had been warmly received when he spoke at UKIP’s recent conference and was on the party’s short list of potential MEPs.

You could see the patronising look in their eyes……they had already filed him under “Uncle Tom”

After all a bunch of white middle class media pundits always know better…

20 March
Comments Off on Those White Middle Class Women Teachers Are So Racist……

Those White Middle Class Women Teachers Are So Racist……

Well, folks, so now you know. It’s all down to the white middle class again, the cause of almost all the world’s problems.
In fact this time we can narrow it down to a subset – those white middle class women teachers..

It found the majority of those training to enter the classroom were white, monolingual, middle-class women who were taught by people similar to them.
This, it is claimed, had led to “race equality issues to become hidden”, with often little discussion of issues surrounding ethnicity.

Who says so? Why it’s those academic highflyers at Manchester Metropolitan University (recently ranked 104th out of 118 of all UK universities) so it must be true.

Hidden race equality issues…..all those modern buzzwords….race…equality….ISSUES…and they’ve been swept under the carpet, hidden away….oh dear, what are we going to do?

No need to panic, folks because Dr Peter Hick is on the case. He’s not scared of those white middle classes and has given them a very stern warning…

We cannot rest on our laurels as racial equality remains under threat.

…and to make certain we don’t rest on our laurels he has come up with a twofold solution

Employ more teachers from ethnic minorities

Give the remaining white middle class teachers a very large dose of equality training and make it regular and continuous in case they lapse into their old blinkered ways.

Job done.

Let’s get rid of the quaint, old fashioned idea that we need to have teachers who can give children a basic grounding in how to treat other people as well as an understanding of those areas of knowledge that keep our society going. We don’t want teachers who can teach science and maths and history and literature. We want teachers who are racially and ethnically aware. There needs to be TRAINING… we’ll need TRAINERS. Moreover those trainers will need to be paid (by the taxpayer, of course) and someone will have to provide them.

Who on earth can step into the breach?

No need to worry – step forward once more Dr Peter Hick…equality expert extraordinaire and his team. No doubt as a result of this “survey” he already has a well thought out bid for the juicy tranche of government cash that will be diverted into equality training after the great and the good get chivvied into a moral racism panic by the BBC and a prial of bishops. More money for his department at Manchester Met and more feathers in his academic hat.

White middle class female teachers of England – Peter Hick is going to sort you out.

What was that? Maybe some of the students in our schools need to be given a bit of training in respecting their teachers, especially their female teachers?

What are you, some sort of neanderthal? The reason you’re being sworn at, punched, kicked or pushed up against a wall is because, as a white middle class woman teacher you are simply not “culturally competent in teaching an increasingly diverse pupil population.”

But slip Dr Hick at Manchester Met a million quid and he’ll show you the error of your ways, no problem….

18 January
Comments Off on Maybe It’s Not Time To Dump That Newt Stock Quite Yet….

Maybe It’s Not Time To Dump That Newt Stock Quite Yet….

The March of the Zombies (aka the Republican Party’s Presidential Primaries campaign) suddenly caught fire with this interesting duel between Newt Gingrich and Juan Williams

It is fascinating to watch because Williams clearly played the race card and Gingrich trumped it with the personal responsibility card. He gave a masterclass in detoxifying a liberal left attack point with a rebuttal using cold hard facts delivered in a calm, logical manner.

The audience loved it – not just because the race card was and will always be the key weapon in the Democrats defence of Obama but it is always good for the soul to see an establishment media figure cut down to size.

Even better – it irritated Chris Matthews and Dave Weigel

Straws in the wind? The inevitability of Mitt Romney dented? Who knows – but it earned Newt some kudos from the “totally irrelevant” Frum disdained Sarah Palin and Robert Stacy McCain seemed to put his Rick Santorum lovefest (whoops, nearly said Herman Cain…) briefly on the back burner while he blamed feminism for the Italian cruise ship disaster…..

Allahpundit at Hot Air, ever eager to use the governor to gain traffic, described Palin’s remarks as an endorsement. It wasn’t, of course as can be seen from the clip. But then, of course he could never really get a handle on Palin’s praise of Newt and the impact it might have on Tea Partiers because it would need major surgery and a decade of therapy to unscramble the little neural glitch he has about both Palin and the Tea Party in his brain.

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