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Revealed – Tory Plan To Cut NHS Costs By Forcing Doctors To Perform Operations In Forests!!!!!


It begins….We now have incontrovertible evidence that only a few days after the Tories election victory the evil Murdoch and fat cat bankers have ordered Cameron to means test all hospital patients and send the poorest into forests for their operations – these signs attached to trees in a rarely visited forest in West Sussex are conclusive proof.

Naturally the illegal Cameron regime is spinning like mad and denying the accusation but we ask – what other possible reason could there be for these notices>

To rub salt in the wound we understand that the money saved will be used to erect a massive statue of Gove crushing starving teachers into submission right outside the offices of the NUT.

Comrades it is time to SMASH THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!

We call on all revolutionaries to infiltrate the next BBC Question Time audience and cheer Diane Abbott, champion of the proletariat when she mentions “cuts”, “food banks” and “austerity”. Afterwards a collection will be held to support Lutfur Rahman, driven out of his position of Mayor of Tower Hamlets by fascist bully boys.

Will all revolutionaries please tell their parents to instruct the au pair to stay by the phone in case a solicitor is needed……

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Top GP Proves That “Xenophobia” Is Word Of The Month for Those Who Support Unrestricted Immigration

Wow – that was…

The country’s top GP yesterday rejected a Government crackdown on health tourism as ‘xenophobic’.

Dr Clare Gerada, of the Royal College of General Practitioners, insisted doctors would not act as ‘a new border agency’ by asking about the immigration status of patients.

And she cast doubt on the findings of a Government report warning of the huge cost of foreign visitors and short-term migrants.


Of course, I mean since they gave up after hours care our GPs have so little time in which they can spend their six figure taxpayer funded salary.

Once again the medical trade unions pose as monks and nuns, serving the people with no thought of enriching themselves – it really beggars belief that they still feel they can pretend they have no wish to be soiled by the mere mention of money.

Now it so happens that Cameron, May and company are trying to dodge a bullet by getting doctors, landlords and bosses the responsibility of operating border checks on behalf of those who are supposed to protect our borders. As UKIP has suggested we can cut out all this franchising out of border control by ensuring that entry to the UK via our seaports and airports is implemented in a robust and efficient way and “health tourism” costs could be reduced by making the possession of an adequate health insurance policy is a condition for the granting of any visa, or even, going further than UKIP, a condition of entry for any non UK passport holder who wants to come into Britain

However it must be made clear to Dr Gerada that it is not for her to refuse the instructions of an employer to administer/collect such charges. Fortunately it appears that she does not speak for a majority of her colleagues.

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Pay to see your GP? Fine, but doctors must up their game as well….

At last – a measure of reality coming into the NHS debate from doctors who, for decades, have colluded with other health professionals to perpetuate the myth that “free at the point of entry” is a divine right set in Bevanite stone.

More than half of GPs want to charge a fee of up to £25 per appointment in order to discourage patients from making needless visits, according to a new survey.

Health policy experts said the flat rate, which could include exemptions for groups like the elderly and unemployed, would bring British health care in line with successful systems in France, Germany and Scandinavia.

Payment for GP consultation is regarded as quite normal in almost every other health system based on the social insurance model (as is payment for board & lodging for hospital in-patients). It helps to cover costs and filters out those who would abuse the system.

With an increasingly elderly population we could never hope to operate a service which is both caring and efficient.

However, in return for payment, we should demand a more balanced consumer/provider relationship:

  • Customer friendly hours for appointments – evenings, Saturdays etc
  • Initial appointments within hours rather than two weeks
  • Competition between practices to win customers by offering wider services
  • Reception geared to interests of consumers rather than providers

After all this is already happening…….

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Francis Report – Proof That The NHS Is The Envy Of Nobody….

Blah blah blah….lessons learned…..monitoring……values driven….blah blah…..NHS…..envy of the world……

Stephen Pollard, editor of The Jewish Chronicle summed it up in a piece at the Telegraph

Mid Staffs inquiry: spare me the NHS drivel, please…… I really can’t take another second of the specious, misleading and hypocritical response to the Francis Inquiry into what happened at Mid Staffs.

Naturally the full force of venom is being directed at “the managers” with several people demanding that hospitals should be run by doctors and nurses. However, as one brave soul posted at Guido Fawkes

Let’s not forget that it is actually nurses who fail to provide basic care. Nurses are usually regarded as immune to criticism, whereas nobody likes beastly bureaucrats; nor do hospitals actually seem to be short of nurses, if the gaggles of chattering people milling around most NHS wards are anything to go by. We might need more doctors and orderlies and fewer ‘angels’.

Heresy – the nursing unions and the BBC won’t like that. But it was nurses and doctors who were actually on the wards ignoring patients, not “managers”

However we live in times rather similar to the early years of Imperial Rome where very few actually believed in the Roman gods – but most citizens made certain they were seen in the temples. In the UK in the 21st century it has been clear for years that the NHS is a blundering, inefficient and incredibly expensive monstrosity run almost exclusively for the benefit and convenience of doctors and nurses – a producer’s cartel very similar to those that, up until now, have controlled schools, police and the law. Yet in public we are required to make obeisance to this false god or face being burned at the stake..

prefacing almost every response to Mr Francis’ report has been the incantation that the NHS is our proudest institution and represents British values at their best.
If this is Britain at its best then God help us, because the NHS is an anachronism, a health system built on deference to authority, Whitehall knows best, government spends best and if you’re a patient then learn your place in the food chain, keep quiet and take what’s offered.

As one angry reader of Pollard pointed out

You can’t criticise the nurses, no matter how poor or uncaring they are, they are angels. You can’t criticise the doctors and consultants because they are better than us. You can’t criticise Whitehall because they aren’t listening. You can’t criticise the managers because they are counting the numbers given to them by Whitehall and you can’t criticise the NHS because its a National Treasure. The only people left to criticise are the patients and their families.

Sorry, Mr Francis – you’re just painting plague pustules with calomine lotion. The notion of a tax funded, “free” at point of entry health service is in itself the root cause of Mid Staffs and no amount of tinkering at the edges will resolves these endemic problems.

Time to put the customer in the driving seat?

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Those Hypocritical BBC Fat Cats Living The High Life On Our Money…….

Good news – we pay out over £2m every year so that over 500 big cheeses at the BBC can have private health care while at the same time telling us all about our NHS being the envy of the world. Oh and you know those BBC liberal/left presenters so eager to pour scorn on millionaires, bankers and global corporations for reducing their tax obligations with the help of clever accountants? Well they have clever accountants as well…..

It’s the stench of hypocrisy from these fat cats who wax wealthy out of the BBC poll tax that really grates……

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In Our Emergency NHS Came Up Trumps

Full marks to the NHS..The Lovely Mrs P slipped and fell while we were out hiking. Fortunately we were just starting out, 100 yds from the car park. A friend an I managed to lift her up but she couldn’t press with her right foot so we hobbled to the car.

Drove to East Surrey Hospital A&E…from arrival at emergency, initial assessment, further examination, X Ray, broken ankle diagnosed, leg plastered and leaving for home…all in just under 2 hours. Staff were efficient, caring, considerate and good humoured…just sayin’…..

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