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Top GP Proves That “Xenophobia” Is Word Of The Month for Those Who Support Unrestricted Immigration

Wow – that was…

The country’s top GP yesterday rejected a Government crackdown on health tourism as ‘xenophobic’.

Dr Clare Gerada, of the Royal College of General Practitioners, insisted doctors would not act as ‘a new border agency’ by asking about the immigration status of patients.

And she cast doubt on the findings of a Government report warning of the huge cost of foreign visitors and short-term migrants.


Of course, I mean since they gave up after hours care our GPs have so little time in which they can spend their six figure taxpayer funded salary.

Once again the medical trade unions pose as monks and nuns, serving the people with no thought of enriching themselves – it really beggars belief that they still feel they can pretend they have no wish to be soiled by the mere mention of money.

Now it so happens that Cameron, May and company are trying to dodge a bullet by getting doctors, landlords and bosses the responsibility of operating border checks on behalf of those who are supposed to protect our borders. As UKIP has suggested we can cut out all this franchising out of border control by ensuring that entry to the UK via our seaports and airports is implemented in a robust and efficient way and “health tourism” costs could be reduced by making the possession of an adequate health insurance policy is a condition for the granting of any visa, or even, going further than UKIP, a condition of entry for any non UK passport holder who wants to come into Britain

However it must be made clear to Dr Gerada that it is not for her to refuse the instructions of an employer to administer/collect such charges. Fortunately it appears that she does not speak for a majority of her colleagues.

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