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Why Was The BBC So Keen To Humiliate Sir Cliff Richard?


Very good news…..


I suspect that some of the drivers of this escapade were

1. Police and BBC guilt over covering up the Jimmy Savile stuff for so long
2. Sir Cliff’s insistence that his sexuality is a private matter
3. Sir Cliff’s very unfashionable public stance as a Christian

Points 2 & 3 do not appear to fit easily into the world view of the 21st century BBC…..indeed the beeb seems positively antagonistic to such sentiments as discretion about sexuality and declarations of Christian faith.

Hence an almost fanatical determination to use the naming of Sir Cliff as a suspect in an underage sexual abuse investigation and the resultant police search as a golden opportunity to publicly humiliate the man.

Naturally the BBC and the rest of the media are bloviating about “press freedom” and “the public’s right to know.

Pure bollocks.

The BBC didn’t post the report discreetly on the TV equivalent of page 15 – it was not only given a front page splash but also subsequently entered for a “scoop of the year” competition. They probably saw it as an opportunity to humiliate someone whose slightly old fashioned views just didn’t resonate with their own “liberated”, progressive outlook.

Strangely my Facebook timeline (usually full of anti Trump, anti Brexit, pro Corbyn bloviations) is almost silent over the judge’s damning indictment. Imagine. however, the cacophony from certain quarters if it had been the Mail or The Sun “wot done it”….

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If You’re A Skinny Male Stripper Stay Out Of South Wales…….

Ladies Night in a Welsh pub is not the place to be if the customers feel they are being short changed. They want their male strippers bronzed, hunky with rippling muscles – not pale, scrawny and thin as a rake. So when they got a cod instead of a god at at the Baltic Inn in Pontyates, near Llanelli, South Wales the 150 strong all female audience did not particularly appreciate the substitute stripper

Mr Zbudowskyj took to the stage dressed as a fireman but failed to put on a performance for the women.
Witnesses said some women lost patience with the semi-naked entertainer and heckled him before throwing napkins at him and shouting abuse. Mr Zbudowskyj allegedly lost his temper and dived into the crowd, which sparked a large brawl.

It all ended up with a mini riot that was eventually only subdued after five carloads of police were forced to wade in and break it up.

They do take their stripping seriously in South Wales…….

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