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Anti Fracking Candidate Fails To Set Rural Sussex Alight With Green Frenzy…But UKIP Does Well….

So much for the anti fracking frenzy that has gripped Sussex in the wake of the incidents at Balcombe (or so we have been told by both green zealots and the always-happy-to-over-hype-a-story media)

Storrington…..West Sussex County Council By election 26/09/13….turnout 22.53%

Philip Circus Conservative 1,037
John Wallace UKIP 729
Nick Hopkinson Liberal Democrat 364
James Edward Doyle Green – Stop Fracking Now 131

Of course Caroline Lucas and George Monbiot might say the good people of Storrington are oblivious of how fracking would destroy their rural idyll.

But maybe it’s because the villagers have a different perspective.

For the last few years there has been a ‘Nodding Donkey’ oil rig tucked behind the trees off the A283 just to the east of Storrin

 gton, and opposite the entrance to historic Parham, an Elizabethan house open to the public.

It’s so quiet and unobtrusive few knew it was there…

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“Community Policing” US Style…Make Vandals Do Press-Ups? I’ll Buy That!!

A controversy is brewing in Rhode Island after four police officers seemingly made a group of young men do push-ups as immediate punishment for vandalizing mailboxes.

The mayor and the police chief of North Providence are apparently up in arms. There is talk of the officers being punished. Probably at this very moment regiments of lawyers are flooding into the town to snap up a juicy “human rights” case.

So perhaps it’s just the right moment for Katy Bourne to phone the four officers and offer them a job here in the UK with the Sussex police or, if that isn’t possible, at least show her officers the video.

No lawyers, no court process ending up months later with nil result, zero paperwork – a bunch of idiots have their time wasted (which irritates them) and victims see something being done….. now that’s what I call a great example of “community policing”!!!

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The Airman’s Grave

In a spot of surpassing peace and beauty on a lonely hillside in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex we often pause for a while at The Airman’s Grave. It is not really a grave but a memorial to brave young men who gave their tomorrows for our today.

In July 1941 a RAF Wellington bomber was returning from a raid over Germany. In bad weather and with only one engine working it crashed onto a hill in the Ashdown Forest, killing the six crew members. A little while after the crash the mother of Sgt Vic Sutton, the 2nd pilot, came to live in the nearby village of Nutley and had a simple wooden cross placed near the site of the crash in memory of her son and his five comrades.

Over the years the Forest Rangers have looked after the memorial, replacing the original cross with one of stone, planting a small garden and finally building a wall to keep the forest sheep away from the plants.

Each year in November, on Remembrance Sunday, hundreds of people gather on the sloping hillside to honour the memory of these men and all others who gave their lives and futures so that we may live free from being terrorised by evil men who wish us harm.

When you go home
Tell them of us and say
For your tomorrow
We gave our today

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