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Funny How Nobody Mentions Chicago And Strict Gun Control Laws In The Same Sentence…

The Aurora shootings and the aftermath have been media headline fillers here in the UK for several days. Our hacks and pundits love this sort of story because it allows them to pontificate on Americans and guns and how any wingnut is able to stroll into a hardware store and kit himself out with enough firepower to recreate the Battle of the Somme if he is so minded.

This then leads in to the issue of gun control and how sensible folk like President Obama and his liberal/left cohorts in politics and media would just love to wean their fellow Americans off their guns and become an unarmed community like Britain….well not exactly unarmed because criminals are quite heavily armed but hey, they just shoot each other, don’t they?

But wait a minute…..” any wingnut”….hold on that…our media prefers the shooters to be white and middle class and slightly creepy because central casting has lots of guys to fit that role.

Of course if you are Brian Ross of NBC white also equals Tea Party. If you’re Joe Scarborough of MSNBC white = autistic loner. the sort of people who never go to Tina Brown’s parties or read the New Yorker or ski at Aspen.

What the Americans need, according to our media pundits, is much stricter laws on gun ownership and gun carrying – except, as Prof William Jacobson points out there are more people shot by guns in Chicago in one month than were shot in that Aurora cinema…..

…and Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the whole of the USA

But of course you will never learn much about the bloody gun culture in “gunfree” Chicago because there are very few spotty white middle class nerds poncing about the South and West sides of the city. This is black on black crime and usually drugs related so not only does it have little news value but merely mentioning those facts would be declared a racist hate crime – and that would never so….

…..and, eeeeermmm, practically the whole Obama machine hails from Chicago…

BTW…if you want to keep yourself informed about the matters that are concerning American conservatives don’t use UK blogs like Conservative HomeUSA or the Spectator Coffee House – they’ll just retread stuff from NYT and WaPo. Go to Prof Jacobson’s blog at Legal Insurrection – it’s Tea Party friendly , easy to follow and 100% suspicious of the great and the good …..

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Is This Incompetent & Inefficient Woman The “De Facto” President Of The USA?

Edward Klein calls her the de facto President, the power behind the throne…

In the White House pecking order, Jarrett has more clout than the president’s chief of staff. During the savage internecine warfare between Jarrett and Obama’s first two chiefs of staff — Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley — Obama sided most of the time with Jarrett, a classic limousine liberal who believes that Obama was elected president in order to engineer social change. Ultimately, Jarrett emasculated Emanuel and Daley and forced them from their jobs.

Yet her record at the White House has been a one of shambolic incompetence…

She has also been responsible for much of the incompetence and amateurism that have been the hallmarks of Obama’s time in office. Indeed, Jarrett has been on the wrong side of practically every consequential issue to come across the president’s desk.

Very much part of the Chicago political Democrat machine, one of the most corrupt and vicious in America, Jarrett’s inefficiency and ineffectiveness proved no barrier to earning massive six figure salaries from taxpayer funded executive positions.

Despite her impeccable social credentials, Jarrett’s record before she went to Washington was spotty at best. After Mayor Daley made her commissioner of planning, she became embroiled in a massive screw-up in the city’s public housing revitalization plan, which cost Chicago millions of dollars in overruns. Daley fired her without explanation.
After she left city hall, Jarrett became CEO of Habitat Executive Services, where she earned $300,000 in salary and $550,000 in deferred compensation. She managed a federally subsidized housing complex that was seized by the government after inspectors found crime-infested slum conditions and widespread blight.

Before 2008 this wealthy, privately educated woman’s Chicago cv and her very close connection to the Obamas was a matter of public record. Post inauguration the strength of her influence at the White House has been constantly acknowledged by insiders. Yet the media, so quick to fact check Palin’s tanning bed, Perry’s rock and Romney’s schoolboy antics has consistently refused to shine any spotlight the President’s eminence grise

No wonder the mainstream media is known as Obama’s “Palace Guard”…..

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