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UK Telegraph Hack Forced To Go To The Seaside To Listen To Clacton’s UKIP Supporters….Ugggghhhh..


The top brass at the Telegraph obviously felt that they were publishing too many positive reports and comments about UKIP so they rang up their ace travel hack Tom Rowley and ordered him to get up to Clacton and write a bit of a sneer piece about the natives (y’know, mocking their ignorance and parochialism) to undermine UKIP’s candidate Douglas Carswell in the forthcoming by election.

“…after all, Tom, they’re not real people over there. Unlike we clever Telegraph types they don’t live in Somerset rectories or go to dinner parties in Notting Hill…normally we wouldn’t bother with such a bunch of losers…but with all this UKIP/Farage/Carswell nonsense they do seem to be getting ideas above their station. David says that Samantha is telling him he needs to be a bit tougher on them as she’s damned if a crowd of has beens and pensioners from a crumbling seaside town will edge her out of Downing Street….without all that publicity how can she market those bags?…..Anyway, Tory HQ is putting the squeeze on us so if you want more of those gigs in New York, Austria or Barbados you’ll get to the Essex coast pronto – or you might end up in Monrovia reporting on cut price hotels next to hospitals…don’t worry, we won’t allow any comments, they only come from the readers and what the hell do they know..”

Naturally Tom rushed to Clacton

Eileen Mattacks, at least, was hearing all the right things. Across the road from a shop selling all manner of mobility scooters, the elderly voter embraced Mr. Carswell. “For years I voted Conservative but I don’t think they’ve done the job properly,” she said. Despite her Huguenot surname, she, too, is concerned about immigration. “We are only a small island,” she said. “And we’ve got too many here.”

“Well done, Tom – you hit all the right buttons…just the sort of copy the Telegraph wants. Mrs. Mattacks just doesn’t realise that here in London we simply couldn’t survive without cheap baristas, nannies, builders and gardeners from the outside world…why, I don’t expect she even knows what a barista is…”

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Young Tim At The Telegraph Thinks He Has Trumped UKIP On Immigration “Scare Stories”


Tim Wigmore is one of those bright young chaps at the Telegraph who have been tasked with bringing errant Tory voters back into the Cameron fold and away from UKIP. One prong of the strategy is the Vote UKIP get Miliband mantra being pimped by Toby Young’s Unite The Right crusade. The key message of UTR is for UKIP to stand down in key marginals and not rock the boat in safer Conservative constituencies. The result? Cameron stays at No !0 and can then renege on another “cast iron guarantee” after producing some sort of fudged, face saving “agreement “ full of vague rhetoric and short on hard detail.

But young Tim is pushing forward on the other flank by saying all the great unwashed outside the metro media/cultural bubble are just being fed a false narrative of scare stories about issues like Immigration and the EU and, because they are outside the bubble they really aren’t sophisticated enough to grasp the real “facts”

Take immigration…

As you may have read today, migrants are more likely to pay taxes and less likely to take benefits than Brits.

There you are, says Tim. These are “facts” fresh from the “experts” so quit all this nonsense about immigrants being a burden on the state – it’s the Brits who are sucking at the teat.

But hang on a minute Tim. From whence do those figures come? Could they be, as Douglas Carswell suggests, a tad questionable?

The “experts” who make such claims have failed to look at all the evidence. Those who insist that migrants are less likely to claim benefits tend to draw their data from the Labour Force Survey, which relies on respondents reporting claims to benefits, rather than actual data on claims made.

Working from other sources, however, such as HMRC and ONS, quite a different picture emerges

There are nearly half a million migrants claiming working tax credit in the UK.

 Migrants are at least 20% more likely to be claiming working tax credit than the rest of the population.

More migrants claim working tax credit than claim all of the main out-of-work benefits together.

 Migrants form a much higher proportion of those claiming working tax credits than of those claiming any out-of work benefit

So maybe those UKIP “scare stories” are not just stories, Tim….just saying..

In fact it’s Tim who spreads the scare story.

A ban on immigration would mean higher taxes, lower spending and a higher deficit.

Now that is over egging the pudding, Tim. UKIP has never said ban all immigration. We just believe in Controlled Immigration where the main drivers are the skills sets required by the economy and the ability of our social infrastructure – housing stock, schools, healthcare etc – to absorb those numbers efficiently and effectively.

Now, Tim, just scribble about something else until the DT gets the next missive from Tory HQ

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“Parasitical politicians have been hopeless at holding to account the elites who now preside over us”

Against the background of an irrelevant US Presidential “contest” between two men who mouth similar platitudes and promises on behalf of rival coalitions of nepostic, self serving party hacks only motivated by the desire to get their snouts in the taxpayer funded trough and a Europe becoming increasingly governed by and on behalf of an entrenched and self appointed oligarchy of bureaucrats it would be only too easy to sink into a miasma of hopelessness.


The west is in crisis. Governments have grown too big, living beyond their means – and ours. The true costs of extra officialdom have been concealed. Parasitical politicians have been hopeless at holding to account the elites who now preside over us. As a result, Western nations are mired in debt and chronically misgoverned. Should we despair? Actually, no. Precisely because the West s Big Government model is bust, things are going to have to change. The West is on the cusp of dramatic changes driven by the failure of her elites, technology and maths. At the precise moment Big Government becomes unaffordable, the internet revolution makes it possible to do without it. Be optimistic. We are going to be able to manage without government – and thrive. The old political and economic order is about to give way to something vastly better.

Ploughing the same furrow as Prof Glenn Reynolds in his 2006 classic “An Army of Davids” Douglas Carswell, a British Tory MP, shows in his new book “The End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy” how we, the little people, can use the internet to undermine and subvert the dreams and schemes of an elite that, until recently, controlled all the cultural engines of the state through their monopolies of communication and media.

Which is why, of course, the elites want to exert greater control of the internet.

As the Tea Party in the USA and UKIP in Britain will vouchsafe, the battle will be tough and remorseless – but fight we must if we are not to be bound by the soft chains of a decrepit and amoral lassitude, drugged into submission by the lies and baseless promises of the parasites who feed on the wealth created by our toil and sweat.

So – let’s fight back…find out more about the ITU Conference in December, publicise it and ask your local political parasites WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT….

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