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Thoughts On Leaving The C4P Chicago Meet Up…

I have had breakfast, getting ready to pack and then flying out from Chicago back to London later today. The C4p meet up has been everything I expected. It was so good to meet the people behind the usernames – and you know what? They were all just ordinary, everyday folk – Mr, Mrs and Miss America and all of them country class, exactly like the people who would be shopping in my local Tesco supermarket.

Not one person from Deliverance or Elm Street but instead friendly, cheerful and very welcoming to yours truly. However these Palinistas, these ordinary barbarians, Katie Couric’s great unwashed, have got spines of steel and a sleeves rolled up determination to face up to anything once they get The Call.

No doubt others will be reporting back about the meet up and, once I am back home I hope to do a little reflecting myself as an observer form “across the pond” (as the governor so kindly put it when she called in)…an observer, yes, but also, I hope, as a friend.

My thanks to the organisers who worked so hard to put everything in place (and, no doubt, also shed some blood in the process…lol..),the speakers who helped everyone focus on the issues and the attendees. It was a privilege to share the moment with you all and I would love to think fate might bring us all together once again…in January 2013 maybe?

So it’s back to my own beloved land and family (and my next starring role) after just a few days in my second favourite country but, no doubt, we will continue to touch hands in cyberspace…

BTW – as Piper might say – that Tammy Bruce – isn’t she just awesome…..

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