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Why Can’t We Have “Real” UK Conservatives Commenting On USA 2012 Rather Than Tired ReTreads Who Can Only Tune In To Douthat, Brooks & Frum?

How do I know in my bones that the coverage of the 2012 US election will be total crapola, not just from the card carrying rainbow and unicorn lefty luvvies at the BBC but also from the “official” so called right wing media?

Like any sane, well balanced and nuanced English conservative populist I hardly ever bother to get my information about US politics from the established UK media.. BBC (MSNBC in drag), Telegraph (Country Club GOP), Mail (National Enquirer)…or the right wing blogosphere.. ConservativeHome (Douthat/Brooks/Frum), Spectator Coffee House (Frum/Brooks/Douthat)

Why should I bother with yesterday’s stale bread when I can go to Hot Air, Stacy McCain, Dan Riehl and Prof Jacobson to get the just baked bagels? Or fly around the Twitterverse with @SissyWillis, @pepper_10, @ginthegin and other wild Tea Partiers/Palinistas

It was from Hot Air & Co. that I first learned about the Tea Party as early as February 2009, long months before it appeared on UK media radar. It was also from those sites, articulating a fierce anger, not just against the Obama stimulus and healthcare plans but also against the Douthat/Brooks/Frum nexus of GOP choirmasters that I began to realise the strength of the fireball that hit Washington in the 2010 mid terms.

Until well into 2010 the UK media and blogs were following the Brooks line of working with Obama and the Democrats because they had won so overwhelmingly in 2008. Avoid outright confrontation and maybe, in 2016 or 2020 an Obama- lite GOP figure might be able to slip into the White House – the Huntsman scenario.

Palin, of course, was sniffily dismissed as an airhead. Herman Cain was blanked when he was an outsider and still is being relatively ignored even though he is currently pushing out Perry in the polls. Neither of them passed the David Brooks trouser crease test.

At almost every stage the UK media and “official” blogosphere has got it wrong about the US political scene.

Which is why I am dreading the forthcoming coverage of the 2012 primary and presidential campaign

We could really do with a UK website that totally ignores comments from NYT, WaPo and the official newsletter of the DNC, Politico, and the legions of lobbyists, consultants and seedy academics paraded by Rentaquote.

There has been progress – the relatively new Commentator isn’t interested in what David Frum opines, Spiked is wildly anarchic poking it’s rapiers from both the left and the right into the pompous and self serving political/cultural media elite and Biased BBC continues its never ending crusade against the smug, arrogant North London dinner party cartels that run the BBC. But it’s an uphill battle against a powerful network of establishment quislings who rely on the collective mental inertia of a an intellectually disenfranchised population more easily seduced by watching the degrading antics of publicity seeking clowns and charlatans and being politically masturbated by the politics of greed, envy and ignorance…..

We are beset by snakes – why isn’t there a mongoose around when you need one……

I suppose I can always dream….

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Media On Palin E Mail Frenzy – Nothing Personal, Just Field Testing This Amazing 21st Century Technique

Palin emails let old media test new media methods

New media methods!!!

Drawing on methods used by both Wikileaks and social networks, traditional news organizations such as The New York Times and The Washington Post used the Palin email dump as an experiment in new media techniques. They sought collaboration from readers and posted massive volumes of documents online before reporters even had a chance to read most of the papers.

What a bunch of hypocritical snake oil salesmen.

New techniques?

It’s called RESEARCH you doughnuts, what Robert Stacy McCain calls shoe-leather. You start out with no pre conceived ideas for that will colour your judgement. You spend hours, days, weeks interviewing people, looking up documents, cross checking sources, getting a “feel” for the story.

You go forensic.

Then you spend time fitting all the pieces together to see if it makes sense.

Then you run it past your grizzled, cynical editor who regards anybody under 35 as a wet behind the ears naïve teenage airhead.

In other words you become an anteater, shoving your snout deep into the earth until you uncover a few tasty morsels.
But that takes time, money, experience and no hidden agenda.

That’s journalism.

What all these NYT/WaPo/Guardian/Mother Jones hacks did was to act like lemmings, heading towards what they thought was the sword in the stone that would finally slay the Palin dragon.

Instead they fell off the cliff and lost all credibility.

That’s journolism.

One letter makes a big difference.

And they wonder why so many Americans are reading the UK Daily Mail…

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