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Don’t Lib Dem “Wimmin” Slap Faces Any More?

Was Liberal Democrat big cheese Lord Rennard a serial groper? Several Lib Dem ladies say he was. Rennard denies it all. He could be telling the truth – not all Lib Dem politicians are liars, drunks or expenses fiddlers. But party leader Nick Clegg is spinning like a weathercock in a gale over his role in the affair and, surprisingly, as Guido Fawkes has pointed out, motor mouth right on feminists MPs like Lynne Featherstone and Sarah Teather been conspicuous by their silence.

For me the most intriguing aspect of this grubby little whirlwind of accusation and counter accusation is that if it is true that there was a casting couch culture in the Lib Dem organisation why was there no sign of any carefully choreographed outrage from Lib Dem “wimmin” themselves – after all these are supposedly the shock troops of female emancipation…
…or don’t women slap men across the face anymore in response to an unwelcome and unpleasant touch?

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