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Marriage In 21st Century UK: Need Money To Pay For Your Honeymoon? Just Go Out And Steal It…

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Gary Young, 41, and Amy Marshall, 29 from Hartlepool were on their honeymoon in a Torquay Hotel when they decided to cut out the middleman at the beginning of married life. Instead of going home and collecting benefit they short circuited the system and went to taxpayers direct and took the money from them.

Amy broke into a caravan and was seen by the family who were renting it leaving with £120 of their holiday money. They chased after her but she leapt into Gary’s car and sped off.

On the same day Gary tricked his way into an 81 year old disabled lady’s home by claiming to be a social worker. He then went through her belongings while she sat terrified in  her chair and left with her credit cards and the key to her mobility scooter

The two of them obviously thought the old lady was easy pickings so they decided to go back to her house and terrify her even further for a bit of fun and to thieve more stuff.

Hey, don’t be judgemental…..Gary has a car that won’t just run on thin air and a habit….and now a wife (who has kids by a previous marriage)

But while they were waiting to break in again they were caught by the police and Amy still had the old lady’s cards on her…..(maybe to hand them back? FLYING PIG ALERT!!!)

Now they will spend the first years of their marriage in separate prisons…how sad…Gary got 3 year 2 months, Amy got fourteen months – but I am sure he’ll be out in two years and they can kick start their marriage and even treat themselves to a second honeymoon. After all everyone needs a good beginning to a new relationship….


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