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“100 Women”….BBC Paying Out Half A Million Pounds Of Our Money On Therapy For The Chattering Classes

Hey you licence paying suckers – yes, you over there worried about your job, your bills and the fact you are being priced out of the housing market. You can relax because the BBC is at last responding to your cri de coeur.

The Beeb feels your pain and knows exactly what you want.

So they are paying a hundred women from all over the world to assemble at Broadcasting House on Friday October 25th

We’ll ask them to tell us where they think the world’s women are today, and to set out their goals for the future.

That’s right…air fares, hotel bills, plenty of food and drink over the weekend.

Plus fee payments, of course…..making it, at a conservative estimate, half a million pounds at least – courtesy of the ever generous taxpayer.

Who are these women?

They hail from all over the world, and from walks of life. They do all kinds of things: they make music, save lives, raise children, run businesses, write, preach, act and tell jokes. 

Here’s a taster

Salwa Abu Libdeh Palestinian TV journalist

Madawi Al-Rasheed Saudi academic, gender expert @MadawiDr

Nadia Al-Sakkaf Editor, Yemen Times @theyementimes

Sreymom Ang Cambodian fashion designer

Joyce Aoko Aruga Student teacher, Kenya

And who do we have from Britain? Here’s a sample

Anna Arrowsmith English porn film director @annaarrowsmith

Sarah Walker (No picture) Head of the English Collective of Prostitutes

Kate Smurthwaite British stand-up comedian and activist @cruella1

Jacqui Smith Former UK Home Secretary @smithjj62

Oh and I almost forgot….

Cherie Blair British barrister and philanthropist @CherieBlairFndn

Cherie Blair…..philanthropist……

Don’t get me wrong. Some of the 100 women listed are worthy of respect and have achieved a great deal against immense odds. But too many are failed politicians, international bureaucrats, scribblers or obscure inhabitants of The Guardian Arts pages. If they want to meet together to produce a bland concoction of anodyne declarations that are heavy on good intentions but empty of substance then that’s fine. But let someone pay for it out of their own bank account – not out of the taxpayer’s pocket.

No…this is yet another example of the profligacy of the BBC. Pumping out middle class therapy for the chattering classes paid for you and me via the BBC Poll Tax.

You’ll be able to follow every development on BBC TV, radio and online.

No thanks – I’ll be busy rubbing bleach into my eyes. It’ll be far less painful…..

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