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10 January
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Pompous UKIP Youth Given A Boot Up The Backside By Farage & Co For Talking Out Of His Rectum….Shame! Says Telegraph Hack…Three Cheers, Say I….

Jake Wallis Simons (novelist, BBC broadcaster) is the latest hired gun to join the “Let’s derail UKIP” offensive but in terms of broadsides a peashooter would have been more effective.

After a public row about same-sex marriage, Ukip have gone from smug to scared

What actually happened was that a spotty student type who was leader of a UKIP youth group had been interviewed on BBC radio and burbled as only callow youths can. He appears to be, from his utterances, a rather immature type of libertarian, blathering on about gay marriage, bestiality, incest etc. The UKIP leadership ditched him fairly quickly, not because of his views but because, as a party official he would be expected to publicly support party policy

Jake Wallis Simons (novelist, BBC broadcaster) thinks that UKIP has blown a gasket here and will immediately lose support.

I am not so sure about that.

Gay marriage is a massive issue amongst the media class but outside the North London dinner party circuit it remains a very damp squib – and this is exactly why people are taking a closer look at UKIP. Farage and company are very much not part of the political/media/academic elite, an elite which over the past fifty years has ridiculed and despised the views of ordinary people on issues like crime, immigration and political correctness. So using gay marriage as a stick with which to bear UKIP is a surefire loser.

As for the squashing of a pimply 21 year old narcissist….most of us are sick and tired of having to treat the immature views of youthful politicos as if they are of great import. They have little sense of responsibility, many of them catapult straight from university into some form of media/political internship with little, if any, long term experience of the real world of work – then, like Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and Milliband they then have the audacity to lecture us on how we should behave.

Sorry Mr Jake Wallis Simons (novelist, BBC broadcaster), far from putting off potential support, giving a pompous and opinionated young whippersnapper a swift kick in the backside – and out of the door – will have most ordinary folk giving UKIP a standing ovation…..

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