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MediaMatters Shoots Itself In The Foot Over Palin’s Fence?

A neat little twist in the McGinniss/Palin FenceGate saga…..

Eric Boehlert at the allegedly objective MediaMatters fancies he has landed a telling blow against Sarah Palin when he reveals that the place next door was for several years a halfway house for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

Until 2007, the house operated as a way station for recovering drug addicts. Catherine Taylor, who inherited the house decades ago, said the Palins never complained about the recovering drug addicts and ex-cons who lived next door.

Cue for a classic Media Matters Gotcha moment from Boehlert

This seems to completely undercut Palin’s hateful attack on the 69-year-old McGinniss and her claim that he poses a unique threat to her. 

Au contraire, Mr Boehlert – I think this makes my respect for Palin go up a notch or two.

I would suspect that in the USA, as well as here in the UK, many people would object to such a halfway house in their road, let alone next door. We class such an objector as a NIMBY (Not In My BackYard) because they are, of course, totally supportive of such places but would prefer to see them in somebody else’s road. Often, indeed, they are of the Liberal/Left and always eager to attend charity functions that support halfway settlements to show how much they care – but try to get one built in their communities and you’ll soon be hit by a tsunami of smoothly snake oiled lawyers shafting you in a matter of microseconds.

But the Palins, with all those children bouncing around the grounds, never raised a peep about the addicts and alcoholics just 15 yards from their property?

Maybe it’s because they believe in live and let live and giving folks a second or even third chance.

Or maybe they would prefer to have a group of ex cons as neighbours than someone who is a special friend of Jesse Griffin….

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7 Responses to “MediaMatters Shoots Itself In The Foot Over Palin’s Fence?”

  1. Denver says:

    Do not recovering drug addicts and alcoholics need a place to recover? I lived next door to a halfway house. The residents were quiet and friendly.

  2. Nigel Lord says:

    BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) has taken the place of NIMBY. Please make a note of that.

  3. FreeStateYank says:

    I noticed the same meme/talking points memo verbiage in both WaPo and Politico comments section of related stories.

    Instead of illustrating anything negative about the Palin’s, to me it illustrates progressive intolerance [unless of course, it is no where near their deluxe digs or mother’s basement- whichever applies]

    Epic FAIL. Sorry progressives, you’ll just have to put up with Palin living rent free in your small minds for the foreseeable future.

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  5. Robbins Mitchell says:

    Obviously the Palins think they have more to worry about with McGinniss living next door then they did with
    the ex cons and recovering alcoholics…which says more
    about McGinnis than about anybody else involved here.

  6. Paul Rickard says:

    Great article. I want to point out one samll detail though. The the two homes are only 15 feet apart (not 15 yards0 and the other house is porobaly only 3- 6 feet to the Palin property line.

    I repect the Palins more than ever. Most governors would never allow a halfway house that close to their property.

  7. SamHenry says:

    Excellent, David, excellent. Your use of ratiocination is without parallel in the blog world.

    I can’t even read about poor Palin dealing with this mental health issue.


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