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Get Well Soon, Robert Stacy McCain….

My daily routine re US political news and opinion is as regular as clockwork.

Hot Air to find out the trending topics, Stacy McCain, Dan Riehl (including blog goddesses Sissy and Cubachi) and Prof Jacobson for their conservative readings of the liver and entrails of the latest political chicken, Free Republic for the view from the Truck Stops and then C4P for my Palin fix (I am an honorary Palinista….)

That routine has never let me down and acts as the perfect counterweight to the burblings of the UK media who almost always chew up the offal supplied by the US state run media and then regurgitate it in fatty globules to my unsuspecting fellow citizens here across the pond.

It puts me at least three months ahead on the realities of US politics – so I was talking Tea Party when the Daily Telegraph was still adoring Obama’s finely creased pants. I saw that Obamacare was meeting massive opposition while the BBC was heralding the golden utopia via Michael Moore. Moreover I knew that the Obama/Pelosi regime was going to get a heavy kick in the unmentionables in the 2010 midterms even though the Guardian was still having orgasms over Hopenchange.

That’s why the news of Stacy’s illness has me worried and makes me wish him godspeed for a quick and full recovery. He can be irritating and opinionated at times (feminism, contraception, soccer, anything in the UK etc) but so can I (as my wife tells me)…..I was shocked, SHOCKED at that, of course…

But for 90% of the time his comments are pure gold, cutting through the left’s hypocrisy with the rapier thrusts of wit, satire and reasoned argument. He is also a dogged digger of buried evidence in the finest traditions of those heroic reporters so often celebrated by Hollywood in the 30’s, 40s and 50s when the profession of journalism required years of shoeleathering the local beat for small town news instead of a few style over substance pieces in a college magazine.

Get well soon, Stacy and no, I’m not going to hit your tip jar – I’m a friggin’ old man living on a meagre UK Teacher’s pension for crying out loud – but I shall sink a pint of Shepherd Neame Spitfire on your behalf.

And point out that here all the drugs would be free via the NHS….

God bless you and your family, Robert Stacy McCain.

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