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07 February
Comments Off on Kathleen Parker Calls Katie Couric And Her Fellow Journalists The Bravest Of The Brave

Kathleen Parker Calls Katie Couric And Her Fellow Journalists The Bravest Of The Brave

The oh so brave Katie Couric, gushes Kathleen Parker

Watching Katie Couric being harassed and shoved by a crowd of angry men in Cairo was especially jarring. Our little Katie? Make no mistake. Perky Katie is also brave Katie.

And those journalists – we can learn so much from their courage and dedication to bringing us the truth

For journalists, there’s no adrenaline rush like Being There. There’s something in the constitution of those who sign up for Journalism 101 that makes them want to be part of the action but also to do something of value. The bias so many recognize in the media is, among other things, a bias toward the underdog, whether that’s an unwed mother or an oppressed people.

The BBCs Jeremy Bowen, of course, is another of those fearless journalists. He went straight up to one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders and asked him if the MB wanted to establish a full scale Iran style woman stoning, gay hanging theocracy…and the guy said no.

Bowen was happy – this proved beyond doubt that the Brotherhood was now the party of unicorns and rainbows, said he….

Of course one or two cynical souls like Butterfly Dragon at Hot Air (or, as Parker would call them “posers, pundits…..along with klanners, clowns and clambering ninnies “) might have a different view about Brave Katie

They’re trying to make people believe they’re as important as the military and take just as many risks.

In other words, they think very highly of themselves.

Yes, some put themselves at risk, but the vast majority (like Katie Couric) think protesters trying to get in her camera shot is equivalent to taking sniper fire while on patrol.

Oh dear, how unkind….next thing he will say that if you want to find a really brave woman you might prefer to meet another Katie who, I suspect, earns considerably less than $14m a year…

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