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Evolutionists Of The World Unite – You Have Nothing To Lose But The Other McCain….

Robert Stacy McCain has, once again, in his own initimable fashion, sallied forth from his citadel, clad in the armour of defiance and eager to poke his lance into the eye of any milksop evolutionist who happens to be strolling back from his or her laboratory clutching a copy of “The Origin of the Species”.

A minion had probably casually mentioned that Jazz Shaw had posted something about evolution and politics at Hot Air and clearly it was enough to set the Fedora on fire

I’m a six-days-and-a-rib kind of guy — a fundamentalist Bible-thumper — because (a) the Bible is true, and (b) saying so makes liberals’ heads explode.
One of the things that the Darwinist laity fail to recognize is how much of their supposed “evidence” of evolution is actually man-made. For example, go to the natural history museum and look at that display illustrating the alleged evolution of the horse. The fossil skeletons are all lined up in a row, purporting to show a direct line of ancestry.
But no such thing is proved by that display

Love it when people offer up that old evolutionist = atheist misconception….puts those Jesuits in a tight spot, doesn’t it. The trouble is that many good Christians and Jews and Hindus also quite happily accept evolution and also believe in a Deity/First Cause.

Science isn’t a religion – it’s a method of thinking based on evidence. No true scientist would say that any theory was 100% correct, they just say the weight of the evidence appears to indicate the theory provides a reasonable explanation.

Religion is not evidence based – it is faith based so comparisons with science are pointless. Genesis makes sense as a folk myth but not as a scientific explanation of the origin of humans.  However it would be difficult to debate this with RSM since he asserts that only one folk myth about creation (amongst thousands of similar tribal legends) is true.

Darwin (an agnostic rather than an atheist) also believed that religion and science demanded different thought processes….

Science has nothing to do with Christ, except insofar as the habit of scientific research makes a man cautious in admitting evidence. For myself, I do not believe that there ever has been any revelation. As for a future life, every man must judge for himself between conflicting vague probabilities

Or take George Coyne – a Jesuit and, at one time, Director of the Vatican Observatory – who has fewer doubts than Darwin about the existence of God…

Although God transcends the universe, he is working in it through his providence and continuous creation. This stress on God’s immanence is not to place a limitation upon God. Far from it. It reveals a God who made a universe that has within it, through evolution, a certain dynamism, as seen by science, and thus participates in the very creativity of God. God emptied himself so that he could share his infinite love with his creation.  Such a view of God’s relationship to his creation can be found in early Christian writings, especially in those of St. Augustine in his comments on Genesis.

On the other hand maybe the creationist garland is part of the Runyonesque tough guy image that Stacy has invented for himself along with the hat….

Still, even when he is spouting nonsense he always does it in style (as I have admitted here when I caught him out on another rodomontade long on emotion but short on research) and if he ever came to England I would love to buy him a beer in my local pub  (“The Darwin Arms”)

Stacy, I  agree with you on a lot of political/cultural issues but I’m afraid I’ll have to nail my disagreement onto your door just as Luther did over that papal nonsense of selling indulgences in return for subscribing to the rebuild St Peters fund….

No doubt my criticism has RSM as worried as Manchester United are with the news that they are playing against a bunch of part timers from my home town though I am comforted that a right wing blog goddess has also attempted to knock his hat to one side in the comments on his post……very respectfully, of course.

My only worry is that my friend, the beautiful and gifted Cubachi, might take his side…..sigh….

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