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LOL…..Charles To Lecture Harry About Sexual Morality!!!!!!!

The UK Daily Mail has been very pursed lipped about Prince Harry’s naked romps in Vegas. Naturally, unlike the very low class Sun, it has not published the actual photos – after all the DM always steers clear of suggestive stories/pics about women (see its websites regular right hand sidebar…lol..) However it has kept the story on the front burner to highlight editor Paul Dacre’s air of disapproval and today we learned that no less a figure than Prince Charles will be sorting Harry out…

Charles, we are told, is going to have a serious chat with Harry

Although they have already spoken over the phone, Harry will be asked to explain in person how he ended up playing a sleazy game of ‘strip billiards’ with a group of strangers in a hotel suite.

Great news….and maybe Harry will then ask Charles to explain how he ended up regularly bedding his ex girlfriend Camilla while still being married to Diana.

There is a huge amount of moral blue water between a bachelor having some fun with a bunch of pretty girls and a husband quite happily betraying his own wife…..

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