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When Snow Appears Are UK Motorists The Most Selfish & Stupid In The World?

stupid driver

Unbelievable – why is it that when some people get into a car they immediately lose every shred of rationality, common sense and awareness of the needs of others?

Ice gritting trucks are being targeted by impatient motorists – who have been pelting their vehicles with rocks.Staff at Northamptonshire Council revealed they have come under a barrage of missiles while out on their rounds.
They said disgruntled drivers stuck behind their vehicles have been pulling over to throw stones and bricks at them – because they’re driving too slowly.A spokesman for Northamptonshire Highways said there had been a number of attacks:
“Unfortunately, some of our drivers have had stones and bricks thrown at them.“Our drivers are out two to three times day, trying to keep the county’s roads safe.”Unfortunately, people have been getting impatient and started to throw things at the vehicles.

In true Z list celebrity style some even try to justify this attitude.

‘They are such a pain. They scratch the paintwork on my car and they drive so slow. They should go out in the middle of the night when nobody is around.’

Could it be that constant exposure to The X Factor, Big Brother and similar TV fare has, in some cases, shrunk the brain to the size of a peanut and shifted it to the rectum?

Or maybe the Neanderthals never really died out but just stayed out of sight until gritting lorries appeared.

I think we should be told…..

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