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The price of evil….police officer blinded by criminal in shotgun attack gives up hope “I lost my sight, my job, my wife and my marriage”

Hey – why shouldn’t mothers ask doctors to kill their new born babies if they don’t happen to fit in with their lifestyle……

Billions of pounds later civil servants think it might be time to think about thinking about ways to stop fraudsters, lowlifes from stealing taxpayers’ money…..oh and some of those thieves might be CIVIL SERVANTS so perhaps before we employ them we should check to see if they have previous convictions for fraud….

“You know maybe Hitler was right, perhaps those Jews need to be taught a lesson”…..funny how liberal leftists seem to be able to peddle this stuff without courting the wrath of the BBC/Guardian North London dinner party circuit…

Here’s an idea – why not recruit people who are kind and caring into nursing…..

Stone Age Europeans were first humans to settle in North America – so Chicago politicians truly are the real native Americans…

…and FINALLY meet the UK’s new elite at play…..and they don’t seem to care about using mirrors……

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